Stephanie would have had a 98% chance of survival if she had not been misdiagnosed. This is the sad truth behind the case of Stephanie Dickson from Edinburgh, who died in 2013 after a tragic misdiagnosis. One of the many casualties in global healthcare where over ⅓ of all patients around the world are being incorrectly diagnosed every year.


AITOPYA prevents and identifies diagnoses in time to save lives such as Stephanie's’. It is a smartphone application with a consumer focus that gives you instant access to healthcare 24/7 through the power of A.I by:

  • Prevents - possible diseases even when you’re healthy by monitoring your health 24/7


  • Self-diagnostics - Identify possible diseases by answering questions and inputting your health data. AITOPYA then provides self-care recommendations from the comfort of your home. Chat with health professionals to confirm recommendations in the app or anything health related.


  • Connects you to the right health professional - if you’re in need of medical attention - like a booking.com for healthcare.


  • Assisting health professionals - by transferring and analyzing your health data that facilitates diagnostic decision making and administration. They can also interact with you through video and chat in AITOPYA.


AITOPYA has an attractive Freemium business model towards its users and a volume-based rev-share for health professionals and clinics.

AITOPYA is active within a market where the market value is expected to reach USD 500bn by 2024 and differentiates itself from its competitors by focusing its growth and expansion within the emerging markets. AITOPYA is currently established in Kenya and Uganda.


KPIs May 2020: >60 000 total unique users, >18 000 monthly active users, >25 health professionals connected to the service.

Here’s a short marketing video about AITOPYA: video


You can download the app here: 

(Coming to Apple/iOS in July)



Read more about AITOPYA by clicking here (pitch deck).



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